Functional Metal Materials

A.    Rare Earth Materials
Rare earth metals and alloys
      Single rare earth metals,
      Rare earth alloys,
      NdFeB strip casting flake,
      Magnetic functional materials,
Luminescent materials
      Special phosphors,
      Phosphor for lamps,
      Metal halide pills for lamps,
      Metal halides for lamps
Rare earth chemicals
      Rare earth compounds,
      Rare earth aids,
      Ce-Zr oxides,
      Rare earth compounds with special physical properties,
      Rare earth environmental catalytic materials
Rare earth materials for biological agriculture
      Fertilizer additives,
      Feed additives,
      Plant regulators,
B.     Materials for Medical Application
TiNi based shape memory alloy chemical constitution and impurity control;
Precision processing of wire and bar materials;
Surface polishing technology
      Nitinol Arch Wire, Dental Alloy;
      Non-Vascular Stents
      Vascular Stent-Graft
      Urethra-Prostatic Stent
      Biliary Stents
      Esophageal and Anatomic stents
      Coated Esophageal Stents
C.     Rare & Precious Metals Materials
Precious metals materials, such as electrical contact materials and electronic paste
      Contact materials used in switches, temperature controllers and time controllers
      Materials of Micro Contact Profiles Ag, AgCu, AgNi, AgSnO, AgCdO, etc.   Cross-Section of Some Micro Contact Profiles
      Superfine Silver Powder (YJ-F-Ag)
      Brazing Alloy
      Contact Tape
      Special Alloy
      Recycle and Refine
D.    Advanced Electronic Materials
        •    High-K gate dielectrics
        •    Dielectric Materials
        •    Gas Getters
        •    Interconnect materials
        •    High energy radiationshielding materials
E.     Superconducting Materials
1960's    Low temperature superconducting materials (Nb-Ti, Nb-Sn,V-Ga, Nb-Ge) and cryogenic technologyapplied in magnet, motor, generator, MHD, ...
Since 1980’s High Tc superconducting materials
        BSCCO tape and magnet
        YBCO/BSCCO targets and powders
        YBCO thin film, tape and device
        YBCO bulk and its application system
F.      Powder Metallurgy & Special Materials
    Fabrication techniques of nonferrous metals powder: electrolyses, gas/water/centrifugal atomization, chemical reaction, sol-gel.
    Powder metallurgy techniques: pressing, sintering
    Nonferrous metals powder: Cu, Ni, Co, W, Ag, Zr, Ti, Sn, Fe, Mn, Al ……
    Refractory materials: Cemented carbides and super hard materials
    Porous materials and filters
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