Energy Materials & Technology

A. Vehicle Battery and Materials
GRINM started R&D of Li ion battery materials, individual cell and stack cells in 1992, in addition, to meet the demand of electric vehicles development, GRINM carried research on Ni/MH and Li ion power battery, and successively developed lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganese, lithium nickel cobalt manganese oxide, graphite, lithium titanate, nano-crystalline silicon, hydrogen storage alloy and spherical nickel hydroxide. Li ion battery materials and related technologies have been successfully transferred and commercialized.
R&D focus on
      Fundamentals of Vehicle Battery and Materials
      Ni-based Cathode Materials and Engineering Technology
      Si-Based Anode Materials and Engineering Technology
      Li-ion Battery
      Vehicle Battery Systems
      Vehicle Battery Performance Testing and Evaluation
B. High efficient solar power conversion materials
By integrating the strength in vacuum coating materials and technology, hydrogen adsorption and heterogeneous materials joining, GRINM developed:
       Concentrating solar power materials and application
       Parabolic trough solar collector
       Solar cells and their application
C. Fusion reaction materials
      Tritium treatment functional materials
      Zr and Zr alloy, Hf materials
      Hydrogen isotope absorption, purification and storage
D. Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells
Ÿ  High capacity chemical hydrogen storage material and system
Ÿ  Metal hydride and system
Ÿ  Small fuel cell systems
Ÿ  Fuel cell materials
Ÿ  Catalyst
Ÿ  Bipolar plate materials
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